There is a great need for those with conservative values to use their influence in building a better community, state, and especially, our nation. Being raised in this community and raising my own family here I understand the community we live in. My professional background is in the private industry. The values and issues that help sustain a good famDSPortraits-089ily environment are important to me. Those issues include reducing the burden on families by minimizing the role of government, decreasing taxes and cutting stifling regulations and entitlements. The federal government should manage those things that it is authorized by the Constitution, such as National Defense and Immigration, and the States should deal with other matters that they are equipped to deal with such as Education and Public Lands. We need more accountability and personal responsibility.

Here are some of the top issues I see Utah facing today.  As I have talked with many of you in the district, I have found these issues are a top priority in your minds as well.

  • Fiscal responsibility through the balancing of budgets and trimming waste and entitlements.
  • Attracting more business and jobs to Utah by promoting free markets, competition and reducing regulation and taxes
  • Enhancing Utah’s educational system, to put our children’s future first.  I want to transfer authority for our education to the state.  To push decisions to the lowest level and bring accountability to decisions.  The constitution does not give authority to the federal government to run education.
  • Reclaiming State’s rights so that we can determine the best way to manage Utah and our resources.  I will work to reclaim state lands from the federal government.
  • Ensuring that our family values are legally upheld so that our children have a bright future.
  • It is the federal governments job to secure the borders to know who is coming in and out of the country.  Arizona’s immigration law is under review by the supreme court and could affect Utah’s immigration law.  Until that is settled it will be hard to know how Utah can proceed.  Utah has done a fairly good job of trying to solve the problem in a humane way.
  • I endorse our second amendment rights to keep and bear arms and have the ability to own guns for protection,  hunting and recreation.